About me

My name is Borislav Naumov — a 29 years old digital designer from Bulgaria. My passion is to create functional, smart, and beautiful designs. My mission is to help companies launch new products and brands that will grow and thrive.


I have developed a unique design process and a rich stack of skills thanks to my diverse background experience. I have a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design as a design-engineer. I did an internship in an interior design studio where I developed my 3D skills.

I have worked as a graphic designer, brand identity designer, web designer, UI/UX designer, creative director. I have worked in a couple of design agencies in different positions. I have been a lead product designer and full-stack designer in several start-ups.In August 2020 I started my freelance journey.

For more details check my LinkedIn.

What can I offer

I have found out that my stack of skills fits startups and newly launched products and brands best. I can help you have a great product and website, killer pitch deck, good looking marketing & branding assets, a design system that developers understand, and much more. I understand what your problems are and come up with a solution that will address real-life cases and will have a positive impact on your business.

My process

Understand ⟶ Define ⟶ Explore  ⟶ Build ⟶ Validate

My main services

• Creative direction
• Logo design
• Branding
• Visual design
• Graphic design
• 3D illustration & animation
• Product design
• UI/UX Design
• Web design
• Mobile design
• Design systems
• Interaction design
• Website development (Webflow)
• No-code prototyping